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      Columbus Day Invitational October 5-8, 2018

2018 Columbus Day Pre-Registration is now open!

Please note this is a pre-registration and does not guarantee admittance to the tournament.  We will respond to your organization once the pre-registration applications are reviewed.  Deposit is not due during pre registration. 

Please click on the age division to submit your team application.

U6/8 Single Day Jamboree ($100)

U8 "a little more than 3/4 ice" tournament  ($1200) 2 teams on the ice. 






The Massachusetts Spitfires and the Rhode Island Sting are excited to invite you to the 4th Annual Rhode Island Columbus Day Invitational held October 5th - 8th 2018.

Offering 2 to 3 levels at U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19.

All games 12-12-12 minute periods with the exception of U16 T1 and U19 T1 who have 15-15-15 minute periods.  Onsite photographer.  

Fee $1450

The tournament will be held in Rhode Island using Warwick, Smithfield, Cranston, Portsmouth Abbey, Providence College and Brown University.  These unique locations are just minutes away from Providence College, Brown University, Salve Regina, Johnson and Wales and University of Rhode Island.  

Questions?  Please email 

2017 Columbus Day Invitational Participating Organizations:

U8  - Assabet, Rhode Island Sting, Spitfires, Islanders, Shoreline Sharks

U10 AA - Team China, ST. Thomas Panthers, Assabet Valley, Massachusetts Spitfires, NJ Colonials

U10 A - Assabet Valley, NJ Colonials, Massachusetts Spitfires, New England Pride, Rhode Island Sting

U10 B - Massachusetts Spitfires Minor, Massachusetts Spitfires Orange, Assabet Valley, New Jersey Rockets

U12 AA - Minuteman Lady Flames, Massachusetts Spitfires, Islanders, CT Ice Cats, NJ Colonials

U12 A - Shoreline Sharks, Assabet Valley, Massachusetts Spitfires, Rhode Island Sting, CT Ice Cats

U12 B - Assabet Valley, Rhody Selects, NJ Colonials, NE Pride, Minuteman Lady Flames, Massachusetts Spitfires, NY Islanders Elite, Shoreline Sharks, Massachusetts Spitfires,

U14 AA - CT Ice Cats, Rhode Island Sting, Minuteman Lady Flames, Mid Fairfield Stars, CT Northern Lights, Shoreline Sharks, Massachusetts Spitfires, NE Pride

U14 A - NY Islanders Elite, North Shore Vipers, Princeton Tiger Lilies, Rhode Island Sting, Tampa Bay Crunch, Massachusetts Spitfires, CT Ice Cats, CT Northern Lights, Islanders, NJ Colonials

U14 B - New Jersey Rockets, Massachusetts Spitfires, New Jersey Colonials, New England Pride

U16 AA - Rochester Edge, Gloucester Cumberland Stars, Watertown CT Junior Eagles, Massachusetts Spitfires, New Jersey Colonials, Syracuse Nationals, Charles River Boch Blazers, New England Pride

16 A - New York Islanders Elite, North Suburban Wings, Tampa Bay Crunch, Massachusetts Spitfires, Rhode Island Sting

Boch South Shore Conq, Minuteman Lady Flames, CT Northern Lights

U19 A - North Suburban Wings, Watertown CT Junior Eagles, Bay State Breakers, Hamden Dragons, PYH Monarchs, Hershey Jr Bears, Massachusetts Spitfires, Manchester Flames